Our highly motivated staffs have consistently embraced a philosophy of working commitment and diligence to go that extra mile to make this seminar event a success. Our principal commitment has been to provide diligent service to our registered delegates. Our staffs have a great role to play in making the conference meeting colorful, they have made out their time to make sure the invitation is spread all over the globe seeking the interest of organization, individual and association.


Prof. Danny S. Hudson | Executive Director
Dr. Michelle Berrios | Deputy Executive Director, Development Initiatives
Dr. Linda Williams | Director, Emergencies
Mrs. Juliana Curry Director | Business And Human Rights
Major (Rtd) Reid Moore | Executive Director, Arms Division
Barrister. Morgan Daniels | Senior Legal Adviser
Barrister. Jane Kelly | Assistant Legal Adviser
Prof. Alicia Taylor | Head of Research
Prof.  Robert Branson | Head of Event Registration Department
Dr. Kyle Stuart | Researcher
Mrs. Kate Brown | Researcher
Mrs. Aisha Bardawi | Researcher
Dr. Thomas Mason | Researcher
Mrs. Ai Chen | Researcher
Dr. Bao Dong | Researcher
Mr. Brown Kennedy | Head Of Event Secretariat
Ms. Kate M. Pierce |Resources And Administration
Prof. Kenneth Smith | Senior Staff
Dr. Elizabeth Clyne | Asst. Director –
(Program On Human Rights and The Global Economy)



Dr. Tessy A. Davis | Director Of Finance

Mrs. Joanne Brownson | Asst. Director Of Finance

Dr. Steve Grey | Grants And Contracts Officer


Dr. Mary James | Director Of Human Affairs
Mrs. Janet Downing | Senior Manager
Mr. Chris Mark | Development And Communications
Dr. Monica Rice | Regional And Program On Human Rights Director


Mrs. Margaret Bailey | Regional Director

Dr. Paige Nicolas | | Program Coordinator IV

Dr. Olivia Anderson | | Program Coordinator II
Dr. Mary Dowell | Program Coordinator III

Dr. Felicia Madoc | Program Coordinator IV
Barrister. Celina Gomes | Refugee Protection Program
Ruth Jefferson | Senior Associate Law And Security Program
Mrs. Brenda Thomas | Information Services
Mrs. Linda Wilson | New Media And Online Coordinator
Engr. Angelina Wythe | Network And Systems Engineer
Mrs. Angela Dayton | Video Producer
Dr. Daniel Simmons | Coordinating Committee Of Scientific Activities
Stephanie Ings | Director Of Finance
Barrister. Teresa John | Director Crimes Against
Mary Dominick | Humanity Program
Dorothy Thames | Web Publisher
Diana Dalton | Project Coordinator/Analyst (Temporary)
Hon. Michael Lewis | Advisor Fighting Discrimination Program
James Stark | Receptionist / Human Resources Assistant

About Us

The Human Rights Organization For Health and Economic Growth administration is based on the philosophy of Human Rights. All human beings are born equal and free. Change your thoughts and change your world as well as other people’s life because your life is what your thoughts make of it.

Working Hour

Mon – Fri: 07:00AM – 07:00PM
Sat: 09:00AM – 07:00PM
Sun: Closed